Daily Walking*
Single walk or playtime/potty break in the yard. Available for a daily or weekly rate.

Pet Sitting / Extended Evening Care*
Single or Multiple home visits throughout the day to check on your pet, play time, potty, walk, and feed (as necessary). Typically 3-4 visits per day, but can be customized around your pet’s specific needs.

I can also visit your pet in the evening to check in and make an early visit the next morning if you are only gone overnight.

Overnight Pet Sitting*
Same as regular pet sitting mentioned above, but I can stay at your home to tend to your pet in their own familiar setting and environment overnight.

Pet Boarding
Let your pet stay with me!

Pet Transportation
I can provide transportation one-way to or from your pet’s vet, groomer, or a family member’s home.

For affordable pricing details please contact me directly.

*Poop pick-up or poop-scooping free of charge. 

Happy Paws

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