Why At-Home Pet Sitting?

Why At-Home Pet Sitting?

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Why You Should Consider At-Home Pet Sitting

While taking your pet to a boarding facility or your local vet may be a sensible option, you should consider the benefits of having an experienced pet sitter care for your pets in their home environment. If your beloved pet is able to stay at home without difficulty, an in-home sitter may be a great option for you and your pet.

Rewards of At-Home Pet Care

| Maintain your pet’s exercise and feeding routine
| Personal attention to your pet’s needs
| Your pets can stay together in a stress-free environment
| Photos and videos of your pet provided free of charge
| No risky transportation necessary
| Mail pick up and house maintenance helps with your home’s security
| Consistent monitoring of your pet and home, even on holidays and
| No extra charge for special diets or providing basic medical care (i.e. hand
feeding or administering medications)


Problems That Arise With Kennels or Vet Boarding

| Pets can be exposed to external parasites and communicable diseases
| Minimal care on the weekends, holidays, and evenings
| Multiple pets are often separated which can lead to stress and anxiety
| Barking can lead to loud and frightening environments, day and night
| Preparing special diets or giving medications may be at an additional cost

Be Weary of Hiring a Friend, Family Member, or Neighbor

| If an incident happens with your pet, involving injury to itself, or another
pet or person(s) the liability rests with you.
| If they have a personal emergency, suddenly no one is available to watch
your pet.

My Personal Story

I can unfortunately attest to all of the above happening in regards to problems that arise. My dog suffers from seizures and therefore requires medication several times a day to help control/prevent her seizures. I was set to leave town and visit family out of state for 5 days. I had pre-arranged a month in advance for a good friend to watch my dog while I was away. They knew my dog and were familiar with handling canine epilepsy seizures themselves.

Low and behold, 2 days prior to my departure, the friend had a dire family emergency and was not going to be able to watch my dog. At the last minute I had to reach out to other friends and fellow fosters but no one was available. Not having enough time to research potential alternatives, such as a professional sitter, I thought the safest and most secure place for her would be with her veterinary’s office. I thought that they are most familiar with her medications and knowledgeable about handling seizures should one occur (thankfully she was seizure free while there).

When I dropped her off, the staff showed me her walk-in kennel, which was very spacious and she would have her own but it was very cold, since they regulated the back of the office for surgeries, etc. I had to call the vet’s office daily to check-in with them on how she was doing.

Furthermore, when I arrived to the vet’s office to pick her up, I could tell that she had lost a significant amount of weight. Despite feeding her the proper amount of food, she lost almost 10lbs and she was already at a healthy weight went I dropped her off. It was noticeable because her hip bones and ribs were more visible. The staff explained that it was likely due to anxiety and being left alone.

Of course my experience is not the worst that could happen, but it made me realize that having an at-home pet sitter can ensure that a pet is safe, comfortable, happy, and provided great care in their own environment.