Why Choose Redpaw Ranch?

Redpaw Ranch was created with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. While it might make sense to board your pet at your local vet or a boarding facility, many pets benefit from being cared for in their own home environment by an experienced pet sitter.

What You & Your Pet Can Expect

Guaranteed professional service. I strive to provide amazing service for every visit – regardless if it is quick visit or overnight stay.

No breed or age discrimination. Whether your dog is a bully breed or a teacup terrier, all well behaved dogs of any breed are welcome. I am also experienced in caring for older pets and pets with special needs (blindness, seizures, etc.).

Daily Photos & Videos. I make being away a little easier for you too! I will send you photos and video updates of your pet via email or text. This way you can rest assured that they are taken care of and happy.

Comprehensive Insurance. Your pets and property are covered by pet sitter and dog walk insurance. The insurance covers damages, accidents, or injuries to pets, and also provides coverage to pets being transported.

Pet First Aid. I am currently in progress of obtaining pet first aid and CPR certification courses.

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Daily Walking*
Single walk or playtime/potty break in the yard. Available for a daily or weekly rate.

Pet Sitting / Extended Evening Care*
Single or Multiple home visits throughout the day to check on your pet, play time, potty, walk, and feed (as necessary). Typically 3-4 visits per day, but can be customized around your pet’s specific needs.

I can also visit your pet in the evening to check in and make an early visit the next morning if you are only gone overnight.

Overnight Pet Sitting*
Same as regular pet sitting mentioned above, but I can stay at your home to tend to your pet in their own familiar setting and environment overnight.

Pet Boarding
Let your pet stay with me!

Pet Transportation
I can provide transportation one-way to or from your pet’s vet, groomer, or a family member’s home.

For affordable pricing details please contact me directly.

*Poop pick-up or poop-scooping free of charge. 

Happy Paws

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